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Mint Aubergines

Finding yourself with a spare aubergine in the fridge? Don't worry, this simple and fresh recipe will make a great side for your main courses or you can eat it as a salad with some couscous and hummus.

Serves 2 people


1 large aubergine

3 tbsp olive oil

about 10 leaves fresh mint


2 garlic cloves

Let's start cooking

  • Wash the aubergine and cut in thin slices (about 3-5mm)

  • Grill aubergine on non-sticking pan or grill until lightly golden (do not burn them or make them dark brown, that actually releases toxins), then set aside

  • In a separate pot, reheat olive oil with garlic cloves (very slow cooking, the garlic shouldn't fry) for a few minutes

  • Remove olive oil from hob and add fresh mint, stir and let sit for a few minutes

  • Place aubergine slices on plate and then pour olive oil evenly on the plate

  • Remove garlic if you don't like to eat it

  • Add more fresh mint if you like

Serving & storing

You can serve at room temperature or allow to cool completely if not in a hurry. Store in fridge for 1 day.

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