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Nutrition and lifestyle coaching is a new healthcare discipline. It has developed to fill a gap between clinical level nutrition professionals such as dieticians and Nutritional Therapists, and the many fitness / healthcare professionals with little or no formal nutrition training who have been offering dietary advise to clients.

As a registered Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant I help educate clients on food, sleep, exercise, supplementation and lifestyle practices that can help improve their life for the long term. I help clients I work with to reach their goals, which may include:

• Intuitive Eating

• Stress Management

• Sleep Regulation

• Improve Energy Levels

• Improve Nutrition Intake for Optimum Wellness

• Family Nutrition

• Weight Management

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What is Nutrition
& Lifestyle Coaching?

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Access personalised nutrition advice, personalised lifestyle and nutraceutical recommendations.
Energy & Sleep 
Work on increasing energy levels and sleep as a method of improving your overall health and wellbeing.
Stress & Relaxation 
Explore ways of managing stress that resonate with you, to create positive 

lifestyle changes.

Start, maintain or increase your movement regime through activities that are enjoyable.


Whatever got you here, this is your first step towards living a better, healthier and happier life. 

Now, are you ready to start figuring out how to get there? 

There are different ways to do this, and it really comes down to you. Your preferred way of working, your investment in terms of time and money, your timeline. 

Check out the plans below and choose the solution that works best for you.  

Alex, London

Marta's approach is mode of 3 key ingredients: talent, quality and love. She focuses on who you are and builds a successful programme, bespoke to your needs.

Very pleased!"

Tailored 1:1 Support Client

NLC Success Stories
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